october 15th – Saint Therese D’Avila



“I saw next to me on the left side, an angel with bodily appearance. It was little and very beautiful, with its passionate face, it seemed to be one of the highest among those who seem burning for love and I call cherubim because they have never revealed me their names. But I see clearly in Heaven such a big difference between some angels and the others that I could not explain.”

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october 4th – Saint Francis of Assisi



The life of Saint Francis borders on legend. Francis of Assisi was a young man likes so many thrown in the pleasures of life, but one day had to deal with the call of divine love and it was not easy for him to divest himself of everything. Yes, Francis had the audacity to blindly trust God and put his life and his destiny in His hands. Became poor among the poor, he was free to sing my heart joyful, in harmony with all creation. Was dragged by divine love on the highest spiritual heights, and from there he could see in every being, the spark of God’s Love. Read more…