The Miracolous Medal

On 27th November 1830 in RUE DU BAC, in France, the Holy Virgin appears to one young novice of the Sisters of S. Vincent Dè Pauli, Sister Catherine Labourè.
Our Lady asks her to strike a medal, showing the vision that she is seeing and tells her:

“Have a medal struck according to this model; the persons who will wear it with confidence, will receive many graces!”

The medal of the Immaculate, struck in 1832, was called by the people Miraculous Medal for excellence, because of the great number of spiritual and material graces granted by intercession of Mary.

Many Saints have promoted its diffusion; of them Saint Maximian Kolbe has turned it into emblem of his Army of the Immaculate.

The devotion is very easy: you just need to wear it with faith and to invoke the Protection of the Virgin many times a day with the ejaculation:

“Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us applying to you”

This apparition has been approved by the Church and Sister Catherine Labuorè after a life spent in helping the poor of the hostel of Enghien, in Paris, was canonised by Pope Pius XII in 1947.

In order to obtain the Grace

  1. Immaculate Virgin of the Miraculous Medal, who, pity for our miseries, came down from Heaven to show us what attention you have for our pains and how much You endeavour to avoid us the punishments of God and to obtain His graces for us, help us in our present need and grant us the graces we are asking you.

    Hail Mary. Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us applying to You. (3 times)

  2. Immaculate Virgin, who gave us your Medal, as remedy to many spiritual and corporal evils afflicting us, as defence of the souls, medicine of the bodies and comfort of all the wretch, we clasp it on our heart grateful and by it we ask you to answer our prayer.

    Hail Mary. Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us applying to You. (3 times).

  3. Immaculate Virgin, who have promised great graces to all people devout to your Medal, if they invoked You with the ejaculation which You taught, we apply to You fully confidence in your word and we ask you, for your Immaculate Conception, for the grace we need.

    Ave Maria. O Maria concepita senza peccato, prega per noi che ricorriamo a Te.

    Hail Mary. Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us applying to You. (3 times)

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