Merry Christmas



Mary is Mother of God

In order to save mankind from the death’s horrors of and from the sin, the Son of God had to become incarnate, poor pilgrim on the earth Himself. He needed a Mother.
How perfect this privileged woman had to be! God had been preparing Her in wisdom for all the eternity. And it was Mary, the one who is dismayed and humbles herself before the announcing Angel, but shouts to Heaven: “Here is the maid of the Gentleman! Fiat!” and the sweet and tremendous mystery is performed, God’s Son is the Son of Mary.

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Saint Joseph

photo_2016-12-18_14-30-44qqThe life of Saint Joseph has been truly overthrown by mysterious initiatives of God, initiatives beyond any possibility to understand.

Saint Joseph let himself to be driven lead because he was just and “just” is the man who lives of faith.


Where will the Lord drive him? He does not know it, God does not tell him, He does not explain him anything and he still obeys. It always said yes with his life, not with his words. It had never questions nor doubts.

And how fecund this silence is! It allows that between the word of God and the obedience of Saint Joseph there is not solution of continuity. God says and Saint Joseph does.
“Do not be afraid…”, and he does not fear, all troubles end.
“Stand up…”, and he stands up, there he is already on the road.
“Come back…”, and he is already coming back.
This immediacy of Saint Joseph at any nod of the Lord shows his beautiful inner disposition!

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The Immaculate Conception – december 8th



The Holy Virgin is unique in each of her relations with the three Persons of the most Holy Trinity.

“Unique is my dove” (Ct 6,8)

  1. She is unique as Mother of the Son, since she is very truly Mother, and there can be only one Mother of God.
  2. She is unique as Daughter of the Father, since Her adoption is very singular, and only She of the sons of God, was conceived and adopted simultaneously.
  3. She is unique as Spouse of the Holy Ghost, since only She contracted sacred weddings with him, in the name of all the mankind, in order to become Mother of the Man-God remaining Virgin.

The celebration of these sacred weddings took place publicly in the temple, when the Holy Virgin was introduced there.
How big this prerogative is and how many advantages takes with it! What sharing of the goods of this divine Spouse! Which fullness of His gifts! Which holiness! This Holy Spouse never opposed the minimal resistance to the inspirations of the Holy Ghost. She never did any single action whose principle was not the Holy Ghost. How far from this fidelity we are! We continuously oppose to the Spirit of God. We do not follow other than our inclinations. We reject thousands of graces every day and we hold the gifts of the Holy Ghost in a shameful inactivity. Read more…