Mary Mother of Jesus – january 1st



Mother of Jesus

Her soul looks beautiful, untouched as when the Father thought in Her giving her all the graces. She is Virgin, unique, perfect, she was thought like that. She was generated like that. She remained so. She is the Virgin, she is all purity, all grace that is lost in the abyss that is God.

Immaculate Virgin

Who is rising like the dawn, beautiful like the moon, dazzling like the sun?
It is a light beam addressing sweetly to Her heart. The hand of the very Holy Mary seeds there where Her Heart is and She makes luminous fruits to grow for being worthy to the brightness of Heaven.

Walker, who, like me, you have heard the call of this tender Mother, of Mary, who still wishes to instruct our small heart in order to inflame it so that it burns more and more of infinite Love.

Even the light is turned white to such presence of Mother, and like the sun peeps out in the morning, shall we ask Mary for the light illuminating our way. Serenity, joy and peace are an exclusive sky for those people able to raise the heart to the infinite love, beating also with a motherly heart; if you search with devotion you will be able to feel Her love towards Her sons.

Very Holy Mary is the Mother who is calling

She calls because she is mother, mother of Jesus and ours, and she loves Jesus handling him our souls and She loves us giving us Jesus. Anxiety and delicacy, joy and martyrdom bloom by her from the same stalk: a no limit love offering her heart, rest for every tired hour, light for every dark hour, and shelter for every threatened hour. Read more…


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