Indulgence of the Portiuncula, 1 – 2 August


One night of the year 1216 St. Francis had a strong carnal temptation. To win it he jumped without hesitation in the middle of the bush surrounding his cell. Immediately the bush turned into a beautiful rose garden without thorns. There appeared two angels that took him in the chapel of Santa Maria Porziuncola, where he found waiting for him, sitting on thrones and surrounded by numerous light shining angels, Christ and the Madonna.
The Savior asked him what reward he wanted for his heroic act. St. Francis answered: “I wish to grant an extraordinary indulgence to anyone, confessed, repented and acquitted, to enter into this chapel.” The Lord replied: “What you ask, or Francis, is great, but you are worthy of greater things.”

Such indulgence is lucrative for themselves or for the souls in Purgatory, by all the faithful every day once a day throughout the year in that holy place and, for once, by noon on August 1st to midnight the next day, visiting a Franciscan church or any other minor basilica or cathedral or parish church.
To acquire a plenary indulgence it is necessary to fulfill three conditions:

  1. sacramental confession;
  2. Eucharistic communion;
  3. prayer for the intentions of the Pope (Our Father, Hail Mary and a Glory Be).
    It is also required detachment from any inclination to sin, even venial.

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