Saint Francis of Assisi – october 4th

san-francesco-dassisiFrancis of Assisi was a young man like many, thrown in the pleasures of life, but one day he had to deal with the call of divine love and it was not easy for him to divest himself of everything. Yes, Francis had the audacity to blindly trust God and put his life and his destiny in His hands. He became poor among the poors, he was free to sing his heart joyful, in harmony with all creation. He was dragged by divine love on the highest spiritual heights, and from there he could see in every being the spark of God’s Love.

Francis was not gentle with himself. He subjected the body to an iron discipline just to eliminate all the impure desires. One day, tell the chronicles of the time, he rolled naked in the snow to quell the temptations of the flesh. To mortify his humanity he wore a hair shirt that tortoured the flesh. He subjected his body to many fasts and gain the strength to overcome the human to climb rapidly up the steps of true love. His soul was so purchasing power and glory to shine in the love Pure.

The Lord granted me, Brother Francis, thus to begin to do penance because, as I was in sin, it seemed too bitter to see lepers and the Lord himself led me among them and I showed them mercy.
And I left them, what had seemed bitter to me was changed into sweetness of soul and body. And then I stayed a while and left the world.
And the Lord gave me such faith in churches, so I just prayed and said: “We adore you, Lord Jesus Christ, in all your churches that are in the world and we bless you because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world”.

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