Fatima – october 13th


The first meeting is set out clearly by Lucia in his Memoirs, “Do not be afraid! I do not want to hurt you! “Where are you from?” I asked “I am in heaven.” “And what do you want from me?” I came to you to beg you to return in this place at the same date, 13 of every month, and at the same time. Then I will tell you who I am and what I want. I will come back a seventh time again “I will go to heaven too? “Yes” And Jacinta?”. “Also” And Francisco? “Yes, but he must recite the Rosary many times”.
I remembered to ask about two girls who died recently who were my friends, “Maria Neves is already in heaven?” (Mary was 16 years old). “Yes”.
“And Amelia?” (Amelia was 18 or 20 years, I forget). “She will wait the end of the world in Purgatory”.

“Will you offer yourselves to God to carry out repair practices, atone for all the sins by which He is offended and for the conversion of sinners?” “Yes we do!” You must suffer many things, but the Grace of God will be your strength”.
Just finished speaking these words the Blessed Virgin Mary. She opened her hands and we passed a very strong light, like a reflection, that came out of his hands we felt that penetrate and burn in our chest to the deepest depths of our soul. Then we fell to his knees and recited the prayer inwardly Trinitarian. Then Our Lady exhorted us to the frequent recitation of the Rosary for world peace and the end of the war. These last words, Mary slowly began to climb towards the infinity of heaven. The l light around her to lead the way in the firmament of heaven. “Lucy writes in his memoirs that the boys had no fear even for a moment of apparition, but a likely time. Only later realized that the flashes were only a reflection of the light that surrounded the Holy Virgin has since learned that when the light showed was the next appearance of our beloved Lady. Read more…


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