St. John Vianney, Parish Priest of Ars – august 4th

Risultati immagini per curato d'arsHe would spend long moments of prayer in front of the tabernacle, a true intimacy with God, a total abandonment of his will, a transfigured face.

He touched the hearts of those who met him and let us see the depth of his life of prayer and his union with God.

“My God, I love you, and my only desire is to love you until the last sigh of my life”

“First, we need to know our holy religion, the only true one, because the one revealed by God.

My children, why are we so blind and so ignorant? Because we do not mind the word of God. If a person is educated in the Catholic religion, there is always the possibility of recurrence.

As you lose all sorts of bad roads, you can always hope that sooner or later you will return to the good God, even if you are dead.

On the contrary, a person who is ignorant in his religion is like a dying man who has lost knowledge: he does not know the severity of sin, nor the beauty of his soul nor the value of virtue; It drags on sin in sin.”

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