May – the month of Mary


The recitation of the Rosary is not a matter of repeating formulas, but to enter into confidential conversation of Mary, to convey a feeling, to trust penalties, to open her heart and, finally, to accept the will of God.

Promises to the Blessed Alan de La Roche

  1. To all those who will say the Rosary devoutly, I promise my special protection and very great graces.
  2. Who perseveres to say the Rosary he will receive very precious graces.
  3. The Rosary is a powerful arm against hell; it will destroy vices, it will free from sin, it will dissipate heresies.
  4. The Rosary will make virtues and good works to flourish and it will grant the souls the most mercy of God; it will replace the vain love of the world with the love of God in the heart of the men, and will drive their desire up to the celestial and eternal goods.
  5. Who relies on me saying the Rosary, he will not be overwhelmed with adversities.
  6. Who says the Rosary devoutly and meditates the mysteries, he will not be punished by the justice of God, if he is sinner, he will be converted; the just will grow in the grace and he will become worthy of the eternal life.
  7. The truly devout people to my Rosary, in the time of their death, will not die without Sacraments.
  8. Those who say my Rosary will find the light of God and the fullness of His graces in their life and in the time of their death and will share the merits of the Blessed people in Heaven.
  9. Every day I will free from the Purgatory souls devout to my Rosary.
  10. The true sons of my Rosary will enjoy a great glory in heaven.
  11. You will obtain whatever you ask with my Rosary.
  12. I will help in their needs all those who spread my Rosary.
  13. I was grant by my Son that all people devout to the Rosary have the Saints of Heaven as brethren during their life and in the time of their death.
  14. Those who say my Rosary faithfully are all my beloved sons, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ.
  15. The devotion to my Rosary is a great sign of predestination.

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Our Lady of Lourdes – february 11th


“I am the Immaculate Conception.”

Lourdes is situated in a picturesque location at the foot of the Pyrenees, Tarbes-Lourdes call from the time of St. Pius X. In 1858 it was inhabited by only 4,000 people. Near the town is the Cave of Massabielle, a lonely place and infamous. A girl of 14 years very good, but sick and lacking in any culture, named Bernadette Soubirous (1844-1879) was blessed in 1858 by eighteen apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

First appearance (11 February) – With three younger sisters and other girls, the little seer was busy collecting firewood on the banks of the Gave River, came near the Grotto of Massabielle, Bernadette describes the encounter: “all of a I felt a sudden loud noise like a clap of thunder. I looked right, left and trees on the shore, but nothing was moving, I thought that I cheated, but I heard a new sound like the first, Oh! Then I was afraid and I stood up. I did not know what to think, when turning his head toward the cave; I saw one of the openings in the rock just a wild rose acted as if there was a strong wind. Almost at the same time a cloud came from inside the cave gold and soon after, a beautiful young lady, as I had never seen, dressed in white with a blue band that ran down the dress, had about a foot pink gold that shone on his arm and wore a white rosary beads from, connected by a chain of gold shining like the two roses at the foot. The Lady was to be located at the entrance of the bullet above the wild rose. Now he looked at me, smiled, and waved me forward, as if she were my mom. The fear I had passed, but I felt I no longer know where I was. I rubbed my eyes, but the Lady was still there who kept smiling at me and made me realize that I’m not mistaken. Without realizing what I was doing, took the rosary from his pocket and sat on his knees. Mrs. approved with a nod and took her fingers holding the rosary beads on his right arm. When I wanted to start praying the Rosary and put his hand to his forehead, my arm remained paralyzed, and only after it was marked the Lady, even I could do like you Mrs. left me alone to pray, meant to pass between the finger the beads of the crown, but did not speak, only at the end of every ten said to me: Gloria Patri, et Son, et Holy Spirit. After the rosary the Lady returned to the rock and the golden cloud disappeared with her”. Read more…

Presentation of the Lord – February 2nd


“Behold, this child is destined for the fall and rise of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be contradicted (and you yourself a sword will pierce) so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.”

Luke 2


The Pain of Mary
by Henry Suso

From the Booklet of the Eternal Wisdom

Pure Lady and noble Queen of heaven and earth, touch my petrified heart with one of the warm tears that you poured for the bitter trouble of your tender Son, under the poor cross, so that this heart becomes more tender and can understand you; in fact the passion of the heart is of such nature that nobody knows it well, apart from who has experienced it. Ah, and now move my heart, elect Lady, with your sad expressions and tell me with little meaningful words, which I can remember, what you felt and what you did under the cross, when you saw your tender Son, the beautiful Eternal Wisdom, dying so painfully.

ANSWER: You must feel it as complain and pain in your heart; even if I am free from every suffering now, I was not in that time.
Before arriving under the cross I had felt some large inexpressible pains, especially when I had the first vision of my son maltreated, brutally hit: because of that I lost my strength and so worn out I was lead, under the cross, following my loved son. But your question, that is what I felt and what I did, feel it yourself as far as you can; there is no heart which can feel it completely.

You see, all sufferings a heart ever felt, compared with the unfathomable pain my heart felt in that time, would be like a water drop towards the sea. Therefore understand the following: dearer the Beloved is, more lovable and sweeter (towards us) he is and more unbearable His loss and His death are. Now, whenever was a so tender one born on the earth? Wherever was a more lovable one seen than my unique and lovable Beloved for whom and in whom I had absolutely all that this world could give? Already I was died on my own as I lived with Him, and as soon as my beautiful love was killed, only then I died completely. Like my unique Beloved was unique and He was love beyond every love, so my unique suffering was unique and suffering beyond any other suffering of which it was ever spoken. His beautiful, shining humanity was a lovable sight for me, His worthy divinity was a sweet sight for my eyes, thinking of Him was joy for my heart, speaking about Him was my pastime, listening to His words was like a sound of Harp for my soul. It was the mirror of my heart, the delight of my soul: the reigns of Heaven and earth with all their content, I possessed at His presence. Read more…