Michael, Gabriel, Raphael Archangels – September 29th


Saint Augustine:

Although we do not see the presence of angels, as it is something that escapes our eyes and exists in the great kingdom of God Emperor, we know by faith that the angels exist, we can read that they appeared to many people and we believe it beyond any legitimate doubt. Now the angels are spirits, but as spirits they are not angels: they become angels

when they are sent. The word angel in fact refers to the office, not to the nature. If you ask for the name of the nature, the answer will be spirit; if you ask for the office, the answer will be angel.

The angelic world was created before the earthly world, but in relationship with it; the angels are spiritual beings without a body and their minds focus the irradiation of the principle creator, they are forces, which are acting both from the outside and inside the world even on the being itself.

Even if the man is at a lower step in the cosmic hierarchy at the centre of a declined world, he can access the highest knowledge of God, even beyond the angelic knowledge, but the angels are accessible to the man, as they are creatures, so God invests them of his wisdom and his glory, they look at humanity with love, infinite tenderness, innocence of a child.

Many people say that you do not need any mediation to come to God; however an enlightened way is easier than a dark one. Many people cannot enjoy this heavenly food, so they lost hope and give up on the way. Read more…


Indulgence of the Portiuncula, 1 – 2 August


One night of the year 1216 St. Francis had a strong carnal temptation. To win it he jumped without hesitation in the middle of the bush surrounding his cell. Immediately the bush turned into a beautiful rose garden without thorns. There appeared two angels that took him in the chapel of Santa Maria Porziuncola, where he found waiting for him, sitting on thrones and surrounded by numerous light shining angels, Christ and the Madonna.
The Savior asked him what reward he wanted for his heroic act. St. Francis answered: “I wish to grant an extraordinary indulgence to anyone, confessed, repented and acquitted, to enter into this chapel.” The Lord replied: “What you ask, or Francis, is great, but you are worthy of greater things.”

Such indulgence is lucrative for themselves or for the souls in Purgatory, by all the faithful every day once a day throughout the year in that holy place and, for once, by noon on August 1st to midnight the next day, visiting a Franciscan church or any other minor basilica or cathedral or parish church.
To acquire a plenary indulgence it is necessary to fulfill three conditions:

  1. sacramental confession;
  2. Eucharistic communion;
  3. prayer for the intentions of the Pope (Our Father, Hail Mary and a Glory Be).
    It is also required detachment from any inclination to sin, even venial.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel – july 16th


The devotion to the Lady of Mount Carmel is a type of Marian mercy lived and promoted by the Family of the Carmelo. It is a devotion which has had wide spread among the faithful because it is easy and agrees with whichever mentality and continues to produce great spiritual fruits.

It places at the first place the Inner attitude, the simple, spontaneous and filial love coming from a free and total consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Carmel Mount.


Like all true devotions, it comes from the authentic faith making you to recognise the greatness of the Mother of God and driving to the filial love towards the Lady and to the imitation of Her virtues.
To express and to manifest the initiative of the maternal love of Mary and our will to be “property” of Mary, there is the SCAPULAR Of the CARMINE. Pious XII defined it “Marian garment” for antonomasia and called it “sign and guarantee of the protection of the Mother of God”.

The Scapular is sign of the protection of the Mother of God for those people who love Her: it is the symbol of belonging and consecration to Mary helping Her sons in life, in death and after death.
Besides to be sign of the protection of the Most Holy Mary against the dangers of the soul and the body, the Scapular is above all a means to make us to live in obedience of Jesus Christ and in imitation of Mary, His Mother. Who is wearing the Scapular professes that “he belongs to Our Lady”, as Pious XII said, and that he behaves himself as Her true son whenever and wherever.

Who receives the Scapular is admitted in the Family of the Carmelo, he shares merits, graces and Indulgences of the Order as well as all benefits coming from good and prayers within the Order.

The DELIVERY of the Scapular, also said ceremony of taking the habit, can be made by whichever priest. The first scapular must be of cloth, blessed and imposed by a priest. When it must be replaced, another blessing is no more requested. It can be used the Ritual formula or the simple sign of cross.
The Scapular can be replaced with a blessed medal with the image of the Lady under whichever title – preferably of the Carmine – on one side and the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the other side.

The faithful promises: to wear the Scapular of cloth or the Medal-Scapular night and day;

to do every day an action of Marian mercy (for example: the Rosary, or 7 Hail Mary, or at least an Hail Queen); to pray for the Scapular of the Carmine and go on loving Mary with a valid witness of Christian life.
The Scapular is not an amulet which promotes superstition, but it is a token of the predilection of Our Lady, a call-back to the exercise of the charity and a profession of consecration and belonging to the Mother and Queen of the Carmelo.

The privileges

The privileges of the Scapular are graces and favours that the Lady obtains from Christ for Her devout sons, as reward of their dedication and this promise might have been made by Our Lady to Saint Simon Stock and to Pope John XXII.

The Eternal Salvation

The blessed Virgin said: “This is the privilege that I grant to you and to all the Carmelites: anyone who dies with this scapular will not suffer the eternal fire”.
Pious XII said in his celebrating speech: “How many good souls have had their supreme conversion and their eternal salvation also in humanly hopeless circumstances thanks to the Scapular that they wore! Moreover how many people have felt the maternal protection of Mary in the dangers of the body and the soul thanks to it! The devotion to the Scapular has made rivers of spiritual and temporal graces to be poured onto the world”.

The Saturday’s Privilege

The Lady has promised to preserve Her devout people, wearing the scapular, and to free them from the Purgatory on the first Saturday after their death.
Pious XII assures the devout of the Scapular that the very blessed Mother will not forget to ask God with the prayer that Her sons, who are expiating their sins in the Purgatory, reach the heavenly home as soon as possible, according to the so called “Saturday’s privilege” handed on by tradition “. Read more…