Why prayers

Today, false evangelists obscure the Word of the Gospel with their human words and, with false interpretations; they tend to play down the importance of prayer.

Moreover, they say, why pray if God knows everything and knows everything!

Prayer is love. Prayer is the breath of the soul.

Between you and me, says God, there is a bond that nothing could break. I am your God; you are my son. We will share, I My eternity, my life and My holiness, you your daily life, your earthly life and your poverty. Your existence will join Mine, and we will never be separated, for I am God, and I will not set my covenant in question. In a way, our destinies are bound to each other.

Prayer is the privileged moment in which we contemplate the love of the Father who generates us to the filial life. He wants to free us from the depths of our humanity to develop freely in us. Then we will no longer seek the ideas and words to express our prayer. We just exist as children of God; our very being will be a prayer.


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