Immaculate Conception – december 8th



Prayer in Honor of the Immaculate Conception
Dear, Blessed Lady! by many titles art thou known and loved; but as Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ Incarnate none is greater, holier, more beautifully commemorative of thy ineffable prerogatives than the one of thy Immaculate conception. It is the prayer of Thine own pure lips, and as such obtains for us special favors and graces. Thus prostrate before thee, O purest of Virgins, we offer thee our profoundest homage, and hail thee as our queen conceived without sin! Cast us not from thee, O tenderest Mother, but open to us the inexhaustible fountain of Divine graces, and be the holy refuge of our sin-burdened souls.

In order to save mankind from the death’s horrors of and from the sin, the Son of God had to become incarnate, poor pilgrim on the earth Himself. He needed a Mother.
How perfect this privileged woman had to be! God had been preparing Her in wisdom for all the eternity. And it was Mary, the one who is dismayed and humbles herself before the announcing Angel, but shouts to Heaven: “Here is the maid of the Gentleman! Fiat!” and the sweet and tremendous mystery is performed, God’s Son is the Son of Mary. Read more…


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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, the Princess Saint – november 17th


Elizabeth at the age of four years is promised in marriage to Louis, son and heir of the ruler of Thuringia, and to receive an education appropriate to her future rank of Dutchess of Thuringia, Elisabeth is forced to leave her native country to the court of Thuringia.

She had a happy marriage:  “If I love so much a mortal creature – she used to say –  how should I love more the Lord.”

With the approval of her husband, Elizabeth devoted much time to prayer and practice generosity works of mercy for the poor, the lepers, the sick and needy.

One of the most famous miracles is the miracle of the bread turned into roses. One day she met Louis as she ran down the street with her apron full of bread for the poor. He asked her what she was carrying, and when she dropped her apron instead of bread appeared many magnificent and fresh roses.

We too can turn to this great Saint Elizabeth, the glorious one who can become advocate for our sins. Hasten to be refreshed when hungry, young people recognize the one who raises the dead, the girls see in her shine the virtue of chastity, she can become a support and their comforter.

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All Souls’ Day – november 2nd



Pascal, in his thoughts, underlines that some adults in their full activity surrender to amusement: the number of urgent things that they have to do, make them not thinking about the essential question: what will I be after Death? This statement made a humorist say: Here rests a man, who never knew the reason why he lived.

Life is something serious: during it we have to prepare our eternity. If we failed with this life, we will not have other opportunities, we could not try again, but we will have to answer for the space we left for love in our hearts and actions.

So, it is about believing in an afterlife where there is, in the place where time and eternity gather, the Judgement. Purgatory, born by the infinite God’s mercy, it is necessary for the salvation of the souls; otherwise most of the souls were condemned to the eternal damnation.

It is clear that mankind in order to achieve God’s intimacy must be pure. If this purification does not happen on hearth, it will happen put of time in love furnace. In here the soul should get purified in order to receive God’s embrace.

Purgatory has been also a great resource of humanity. The idea that it is possible to redeem evil with good actions also for one’s own dead, it is brilliant: it deletes the impassable limit of death, it balances earth injustices and gives a positive power to all the actions. Read more…