Prayer for protection from coronavirus

Prayer against covid 19

Before so much agony, my heart moans,
this coronavirus is reaping creatures,
as in a wheat field ready for harvest.

I woke up from the delusion of omnipotence
the night had darkened my mind.
Now I don’t know what to hold on to anymore,
while my closest friends
they disappear amidst unheard of sufferings.

Oh Almighty Father accept my plea,
do not look at betrayals,
insults and sins of all kinds

Welcome me as the prodigal son.
I want to repeat his words:
Father, I have sinned against Heaven and against you;
I am no longer worthy to be called your son.

Now in this anguish, tribulations and fears
my cry reaches you like that of the apostles on the boat
at the mercy of the storm: “Master, we are lost!”.

Then you threatened the wind and the sea,
the wind stopped and there was great calm.
Calm the storms of my soul and drive away my anxieties.
Free me from the fears that don’t give me peace.

Come Jesus because I know where you are
there can be no evil and fear.
Wherever you have helped every disease,
you answered every cry, you were moved by every misery.

The blind has regained their sight,
the deaf the hearing, the dumb the word,
the paralyzed the health, the dead the life.
Now listen to my unceasing cry: come Jesus, heal me!

I am here before you, Lord Jesus.
Even if I am a sinner, I rely on you.
Don’t look at my sins and forgive me,
wash me with your blood and I will be healed.

Hear the cry for help that I hear rising from the depths.
Enter my heart, save my soul,
heal me from this affliction and suffering.
Touch me and I will be healed.

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St. John Vianney, Parish Priest of Ars – august 4th

Risultati immagini per curato d'arsHe would spend long moments of prayer in front of the tabernacle, a true intimacy with God, a total abandonment of his will, a transfigured face.

He touched the hearts of those who met him and let us see the depth of his life of prayer and his union with God.

“My God, I love you, and my only desire is to love you until the last sigh of my life”

“First, we need to know our holy religion, the only true one, because the one revealed by God.

My children, why are we so blind and so ignorant? Because we do not mind the word of God. If a person is educated in the Catholic religion, there is always the possibility of recurrence.

As you lose all sorts of bad roads, you can always hope that sooner or later you will return to the good God, even if you are dead.

On the contrary, a person who is ignorant in his religion is like a dying man who has lost knowledge: he does not know the severity of sin, nor the beauty of his soul nor the value of virtue; It drags on sin in sin.”

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Saint Anthony of Padua – june 13th


Faith is the principal virtue and who does not believe is similar to those Jews who rebelled against Moses in the desert. Without faith no one can enter the kingdom of God, it is the life of the soul. The Christian is one who, with the eye of the heart, enlightened by faith, understands the mysteries of God and makes public profession.
The true faith is accompanied by charity. Believing in God for the Christian, not so much believe that God exists and even believe that He is trustworthy, is to believe in love, abandoning believe in God, joining and conforming to Him”.

(Saint Anthony of Padua)

Saint Anthony as Francis was fascinated by war-time life and attracted by the easy life that was permitted by the social position of his family. The young Anthony, as it was for Francis, came the call of God Young received this call and immediately turned into the path that led him to follow Jesus Christ.

He left the palace of the family to get rich first Abbey of St. Vincent at the Canons Regular of St. Augustine and then in another in Coimbra. In this monastery drew on religious education, a deep knowledge of Scripture. After completing school, he was ordained priest at age twenty.

When he was in the city of Rimini, Anthony tried to convert an heretic and the dispute had centered around the sacrament of the Eucharist which is the real presence of Jesus. The heretic named Bonville, launches a challenge to Anthony saying: If you, Anthony, can you try a miracle that the Communion of believers is, however veiled, the true body of Christ, I renounced all heresy, my head will submit without delay to the Catholic faith.
Anthony accepts the challenge because he was convinced by the Lord to get everything for the conversion of the heretic. Then Bonfillo, calling with his hand to silence him: I’ll keep my donkey closed for three days deprived of food. The past three days, I’ll pull out the presence of people, show him the corn ready. Meanwhile you’ll be in contrast with what claims to be the body of Christ. If the animal while hungry will refuse the corn and worship your God, I sincerely believe the Church’s faith. Anthony prayed and fasted for all three days. On the appointed day and the square filled with people all waiting to see how it ends. Anthony celebrated Mass in front of large crowd and then with great reverence leads the Lord’s body in front of hungry mare that had been brought into the square. Simultaneously Bonfillo showed him the oats.
Anthony imposed silence and ordered the animal: By virtue and in the name of the Creator, that I, unworthy as it is, I hold in my hands, I say, I order you to get close to animals and promptly with pay due reverence and humility so the wicked heretics clearly learn from this gesture that every creature is subject to its Creator. The mare refused fodder, and bowing her head down to the hocks, went to genuflect before the Sacrament of the Body of Christ in adoration. Seeing the incident, including all present and heretics Bonville knelt adoring. Read more…